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Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Dr David Adlam and Professor Mick Peake are the VICORI Principal Investigators

Dr David Adlam
Associate Professor in Acute and Interventional Cardiology and Principal Investigator 
Dr Dave Adlam is an academic cardiologist working in Leicester in the UK. He is an interventional cardiologist with practice in coronary stenting and TAVI valve implantation. Working within the Leicester NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, his research interests include big data linkage to better understand disease interactions and comorbidity and diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases.
Professor Mick Peake OBE
Emeritus Consultant and Honorary Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Principal Investigator
Professor Mick Peake, OBE, is an Honorary Professor of Respiratory Medicine in the University of Leicester, Emeritus Consultant in University Hospitals Leicester Trust and Clinical Director of the Centre for Cancer Outcomes at UCLH, London. He has published widely, particularly in the fields of lung cancer and mesothelioma and worked at National level on cancer policy and cancer data.

Statistics and Data Team

Led by Dr Michael Sweeting the Statistics and Data Team are based in the Biostatistics Research Group at the University of Leicester. The team are involved with the cleaning and curation of the VICORI data, epidemiological analyses, statistical methods development and providing assistance to researchers wishing to use the data resource.

Dr Michael Sweeting
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Dr Michael Sweeting is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics with 20 years of research experience, having worked widely across Clinical Trials, Observational Epidemiology and Health Technology Assessment. His research interests are concerned with the development and application of statistical methods and he has active collaborations in cardiovascular and cancer epidemiology.
Dr Clare Oliver-Williams
Research Fellow 
Dr Clare Oliver-Williams is a Research Fellow based in the VICORI team. She leads a project assessing risk of cancer associated with the use of antiplatelets and anticoagulants.
She has received her Masters and PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge and has been involved in research for over 10 years.
Briana Coles
Research Fellow in Epidemiology/Biostatistics
Briana Coles is a Research Fellow with 10 years of research and research administration experience. Her research leverages complex real-world datasets to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes. She is passionate about understanding the role of multimorbidity in health outcomes as well as factors that contribute to ethnic health disparities.
Dr Catherine Welch
Research Associate
Dr Catherine Welch is a Research Associate of Biostatistics with 15 years research experience applying statistical methods to analyse various research databases such as health services research, routinely collected clinical data and observational epidemiology. Her research interests are applying methods to reduce bias in statistical analysis due to missing data and analysing large databases.
Dr Lucy Teece
Research Fellow in Medical Statistics
Dr Lucy Teece is a Research Fellow in Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester, currently working on projects within VICORI and the UK-REACH study. Her research interests include prognostic modelling, survival analysis with competing risks, and the analysis of large electronic health records data. Lucy currently serves on the Royal Statistical Society Council and is an RSS Statistical Ambassador.
Professor Paul Lambert
Professor of Biostatistics
Professor Lambert is based in the Biostatistics Research Group at the University of Leicester and also works part-time in the Biostatistics Group in the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. Paul has a variety of interests, mainly in the area of survival analysis in epidemiology. Much of his work focuses on the analysis from data from national cancer registries. Paul particularly enjoys writing software to enable transferal of new methods into practice.
Dr Mark Rutherford
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Dr Mark Rutherford is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Leicester with more than 10 years of research experience, and also hold a visiting scientist position at the Section of Cancer Surveillance, International Agency for Research on Cancer. His main area of interest is statistical methods development for analysing large scale population based data, with a particular focus on cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Work Package Leads

VICORI has four workpackages, led by Professor Chris Gale, Dr Alexander Lyon, Professor Sarah Darby and Professor Mike Hawkins, and Dr Alistair Ring

Professor Chris Gale
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, and Co-Director of the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, University of Leeds
Professor Chris Gale is Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at Leeds General Infirmary where he practices clinical cardiology with particular interests in general cardiology, post myocardial infarction survivorship, and chronic heart failure. Professor Gale’s research incorporates the efficient use of observational and randomised data to deliver population-based studies of cardiovascular quality of care and clinical outcomes. This includes the use of multi-sourced electronic health records for trial design, outcomes capture and taxonomy of cardiovascular survivorship.
Dr Alexander Lyon
Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals
Professor Sarah Darby
Professor of Medical Statistics, University of Oxford
Sarah Darby is Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Oxford. Her team were the first to demonstrate the linear relationship between the dose of radiation delivered incidentally to the heart during breast cancer radiotherapy and the subsequent risk of ischaemic heart disease. They also showed that the radiation-related risk is bigger for women already at increased risk of heart disease.
Professor Mike Hawkins
Professor of Epidemiology, University of Birmingham
Dr Alistair Ring
Consultant in Medical Oncology, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Alistair Ring is a consultant in medical oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital and honorary reader at the Institute of Cancer Research. He looks after patients with early and advanced breast cancer. He has a major interest in research and is UK lead for a number of studies examining the role of novel targeted drugs in the management of breast cancer.

Lay Patient Representative

Paul Charlton
Paul has difficult immediate family experience of heart disease and cancer so was very keen to join and support the VICORI programme from the outset. He is a member of the VICORI Programme Board and of the Internal Project Review panel reviewing research proposals submitted from within the VICORI work streams or from collaborators. Most recently the programme has obtained funding to support the production of accessible information material and website design to ensure information to the public about VICORI has wide and inclusive distribution. Paul is co-creating this material with a group of learning disabled and autistic adults working with a specialist graphic designer.

Partners and Collaborators

National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service
Jem Rashbass:
National Director for Disease Registration, Public Health England, UK.
Lucy Elliss-Brookes:
Head of Cancer Analysis, National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, Public Health England, UK.

National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research
John Deanfield:
Director of National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR) – BHF Vandervell Chair of Congenital Heart Disease, University College Hospital, London, UK.
Adam Timmis:
NICOR – Chair of Research and Governance, Deputy Director Barts and the London NIHR Cardiovascular BRU, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, London, UK.
Mark de Belder:
NICOR – Clinical Lead of the Health Technology Group, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, South Tees Hospital NHS Trust, UK.


David Cutter:
Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Oxford Cancer Centre and Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford, UK.

Marlous Hall (nee Van Laar):
Senior Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Epidemiology, University of Leeds, UK.

Raoul Reulen:
Senior Lecturer, Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham, UK.

Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti
Clinical Research Fellow, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust